Adjectives and adverbs 2 (well/ fast/ late, hard/ hardly)

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Adjectives and adverbs 2

(well/ fast/ late, hard/ hardly)



Good/ well

Good is an adjective. The adverb is well:

 Your English is good.


 You speak English well.  


 Susan is a good pianist.


 Susan plays the piano well.


We use well (not good) with past participles (dressed/ known etc):

 well-dressed, well-known, well-educated, well-paid

 Gary’s father is a well-known writer.


But well is also an adjective with the meaning ‘in good health’:

 How are you today?

 I’m very well, thanks.



Fast/ hard/ late

These words are both adjectives and adverbs:

Fast/ hard/ lateは形容詞と副詞どちらも使います。




 Darren is a very fast runner.

 Kate is a hard worker.

 I was late.



 Darren can run very fast.

 Kate works hard.

 I got up late this morning.

Lately = recently

 Have you seen Tom lately?



Hardly = very little, almost not


 Sarah wasn’t very friendly at the party. She hardly spoke to me.

 (=she spoke to me very little, almost not at all)


 We’ve only met once or twice. We hardly know each other.


Hard and hardly are different. Compare:


 He tried hard to find a job, but he had no luck.

 I’m not surprised he didn’t find a job. He hardly tried.


I can hardly do something = it’s very difficult for me, almost impossible:

 Your writing is terrible. I can hardly read it.

 (= it is almost impossible to read it)


 My leg was hurting. I could hardly walk.



Hardly + any/ anybody/ anyone/ anything/ anywhere:

 A: How much money have got?

 B: Hardly any.


 These two cameras are very similar.

 There’s hardly any different between them.


 The exam results were very bad.

 Hardly anybody in our class passed.


Note that you can say:

 She said hardly anything.


 She hardly said anything.


 We’ve got hardly any money.


 We’ve hardly got any money.


Hardly ever = almost never:

 I’m nearly always at home in the evenings.

 I hardly ever go out.


Hardly also means ‘certainly not’.

 It’s hardly surprising that you’re tired.

 You haven’t slept for three days.


 The situation is serious, but it’s hardly a crisis.


以上、Adjectives and adverbs 2

(well/ fast/ late, hard/ hardly)







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